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What will it be like when I arrive at the airport?

Costa Rica is an amazing place. When you arrive you will possibly be greeted by a lot of people! Thankfully we will be there waiting for you. After clearing customs you will proceed to baggage claim. Here you will pickup your bags and turn in your baggage check customs form. Typically this is a 5-10 minute process after your passport has been processed.

From baggage claim you will head out to the arrivals reception. Our staff will be there with an official Refugio Solté logo like the one on this website. From here our staff will show you where to hang out while we wait for all of our new retreat friends.

Where should I stay if I fly in the day before airport pickup?

You won't have any problem from finding a plethora of hotels, hostels, and airbnb style hosts near the San Jose airport. You can easily find places to stay by using the Juan Santamaría International Airport code - SJO in your search on websites like Kayak, Travelocity, Priceline, or Airbnb. The official city where the SJO airport is located is Alajuela, Costa Rica. Remember if you can't arrive/depart during the designated times listed here, you will need to arrange for additional lodging.

Want to know which hotels are the closest? Here is a small but quick punch list:

Do I need vaccinations?

Costa Rica is a beautiful and pristine place. If you choose to seek certain vaccinations we suggest consulting with your primary care physician and also reviewing the CDC website here for more details.

Will there be wifi or cell service?

Refugio Solté does not offer wifi, but one can purchase a local SIM card and a data plan at the airport. Your phone will need to be unlocked prior to your arrival in Costa Rica. Check with your carrier if your phone is already unlocked. You can also check with your carrier provider in your home country for an international roaming plan. Cell service is easily found on site and even in your room, some places better than others.