Transportation & Logistics


Refugio Solte is looking for a Kingdom minded, mission focused individual who has a passion for transportation facilitation and logistics management, and a desire to see Heaven come to Earth through the Gospel advanced in Costa Rica and the rest of the world. Refugio is in need of someone with a strong interest and/or background in transportation and logistics management who also desires to be significantly involved in global mission work.

Responsibilities include:

-Working within a team environment of other missionaries
-Coordinating all transportation for incoming teams, interns, teachers, and visitors to Refugio Solte
-Coordinating logistics for events, travel, and mission projects
-Learning local customs and operations for setting up events, travel within the country, and connections for mission purposes
-Using problem solving skills to find innovative and cost effective options for transportation and logistics


-Able to make a 1-2 year commitment to the Refugio Solte Team (includes time for leave)
-Willing to raise full support for living expenses, transportation and other personal needs
-Must be above the age of 18 years
-Able to fulfill weekly and monthly responsibilities

Financial Responsibility Estimates for singles (couples and families please contact us for budget planning):

-$600/month for lodging, food, gas, vehicle maintenance, health insurance, and other personal needs
-$60/month for accounting & donor processing
-$600/year for visa renewal (visas are only issued for 90 days)
-$5,000-7,000 startup fund to purchase a small 4×4 vehicle or quad.