So are you ready to be a SOYLA intern missionary? Here are a few things you may want to know:



Like all Refugio Staff, SOYLA intern missionaries are required to raise their own support. This is actually an incredible opportunity for you to trust God and grow in deeper community with your church and other believers. We can help give you some more guidance about fundraising, but here is a quick overview of what you will need to do in order to become a SOYLA intern missionary. You will need to raise $675-800/month for your tour. This will cover your lodging, food, and visa renewal requirements. All donations made via our non-profit organizations will be receipted and can really help your donors out with their taxes. In addition to this monthly money we highly encourage each SOYLA intern missionary to consider doing a fundraiser in their local community for Refugio Solté, though this is not mandatory. Regarding both your monthly and optional fundraiser money, we can discuss this in further detail via Skype.

How does the money thing work?

Each month after we receive and process your money we will hand you the total amount (minus any international transfer fees $5-15 & accounting $60/month). You will need to make a budget that works with what you have. But don’t worry we will help you if you need some guidance of when things need to be paid, what things cost on average, etc… Apart from the $60/month for accounting costs Refugio Solté will not withhold anything else and this money is actually paid to a private accounting firm in the United States that handles our accounting. If your donors choose to give online, please expect a 4% fee for all online transactions minus any other transaction and account fees that we will incur.

What does an average week look like?

We have two schedules: Retreat & Prep

Retreat - These are times when we are hosting retreats and work teams. During these times be prepared to do a little bit of everything: cook, clean, fix, worship, enjoy times of teaching, etc... These schedules will be set differently with each team and retreat as each one for us is a little different. Be prepared for an amazing time with very little sleep, but totally worth it. In a typical month we have 1-2 weeks like this.

Prep - These are times when we are not hosting work teams and retreats. During this season we operate Monday-Friday on a set schedule. These are times that we perform maintenance projects, clean up from teams, and develop new projects for ministry at Refugio Solté. Additionally we have a number of monthly planned team activities and usually a number of spontaneous dinners, worship and prayer times, and team building. Also once a month (unless there are extenuating circumstances) you will adventure off to work alongside one of our ministry partners in different locations across Costa Rica. But our goal during this season is to always have the other weekends off to adventure, relax, and recharge.

What kind of things will I be doing?

Be prepared to do a little bit of everything! One of our core values at Refugio Solté is that everything is important. Some days we will be cutting grass, cleaning the jungle road, preparing meals, painting, designing, developing sustainable projects, sharing with current and emerging leaders, etc... You will work alongside and under the leadership of our Staff.

Where will I live?

Interns will be housed in the town of Uvita de Osa. The housing can vary but before you arrival we will discuss the options with you and house you either with a host family, apartment, or a house. The housing always has a cost, but this cost varies depending on availability and how many other interns we have participating at the same time. We highly suggest finding a buddy to come intern with you if we do not already have someone coming or here!

How do meals work?

When we are in session with Retreats interns are given the option of eating their meals at Refugio Solté for a minimal cost (avg, $6/day). When we are in Prep time each intern is responsible for preparing and purchasing their own food at their home/apartment/host family.

How will I get around?

Each morning all interns and staff traveling will meet at a central meeting place within 10-15 minutes walking distance from where you live. From there we will travel to Refugio Solté. But maybe you are wondering, “How do I get to the beach?” or “What if I need to buy groceries?” We live in a small town so everything is in walking distance. From your living quarters it will take you 15-20 minutes to walk to the different grocery stores and beaches. You may also want to think about buying or bringing a bike. Buying one in country can cost anywhere from $100-300. Taxis within the town can be taken for a cost of $2-3 each way. So some interns walk to the grocery store, buy all their goods, and then hire a taxi to take them home with all their groceries. Our staff have personal and ministry vehicles, but we ask that you please do not ask them for rides unless its a true emergency.

What if I have an emergency?

Our staff is here to come alongside you in the good, bad, and ugly. Don’t worry we have your back and you can rely on us to know how to help you. Don’t worry mom and dad, there are a number of hospitals and private clinics locally and within an hour.

What about health insurance?

You are going to need to have this. There are a lot of different options depending on the length of your tour. Some US based health insurers already have coverage in Costa Rica, but you will need to check with your insurer. For those coming for short and long term tours ask about your options. There are private companies and ministries that help assist missionaries in this area. But this is something we require you to have before you come!

Will I get time off?

Yes! We will further explain how this works, but our policy in short adapts to each person. One of our core values is that you have time off and that you actually have to take it! Planning and considering the timing of days off should always be taken into consideration in a balanced way with one’s self, team members, and the vision of Refugio Solté.  In your Skype/FaceTime interview we will discuss this further.

Additional Requirements:

1. This mission opportunity is only available to those who are 18+ of age
2. Complete the online application HERE
3. Once receiving your online application we will request three letters of recommendation
4. Complete an interview via Skype or FaceTime

"My time in Costa Rica was nothing less then phenominal. In just 4 short months the ATC & Refugio family changed my life more than I thought possible. I've seen the Lord work in ways I've never seen before on the mountain. Abba's mountain is a special mountain and is a very special place I hold dear to my heart. My stay in Costa Rica impacted my life and my heart and brought me closer to the heart of the Father. I love the team and all the people I was blessed to serve with." -Thomas Strange
"Being a mission nanny was an eyeopening, beautiful experience. While I watched children, did laundry, cleaned house, and served people, the Lord had many deep, sanctifying lessons to teach me! I was so blessed by the Smith family and all their valuable advice, perspective, and silliness. I cherish the time I spent as a mission nanny, though it was a challenging 6 months. God richly blessed my time through the joy and struggles while I served in Costa Rica." -LeAnna Lindstrom