Once upon a long time ago, God revealed His vision to David and Joy Fuller, directors of Answering the Call, to establish a refuge, a place of retreat, a place of training for pastors and ministry leaders from some of the darkest, most oppressed places in the world.  God in His infinite wisdom, which we seldom understand, opened the way for this refuge to begin unfolding in the jungles of Costa Rica, in 2002.  Land was purchased, a road was made, up a steep, slippery mountain, and God’s people rallied together to do whatever it would take to build this refuge, sometimes even hiking cement sacks to the site on their backs.  Through many obstacles, hard working and hard loving missions teams, generous hearts, sweat, tears, and shouts of victory, Refugio Solté was established.

Throughout the years, the Lord expanded His vision for His use of the refuge and began opening doors and networks nationally in Costa Rica, allowing Refugio Solté to bless pastors, pastoral families, and ministry leaders from all over the country.  Through this ministry God has provided many tired, broken, discouraged people a place where they can rest, be renewed in their mind, body and spirit, a place where Biblical trainings are offered depending on the needs of the guests.  Pastors and ministry leaders pour so much of themselves out to others and seldom have people pouring the life, love, encouragement and truth of Christ into them.  We feel called to serve others in this manner.

The refuge is set deeply in the primary rainforest of the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica, near a mountain town called San Josecito.  A large view of the Pacific ocean can be seen from one end, while at the same time you can turn around, follow the sound of rushing water and discover a view of a waterfall on the other end (during the rainy season).  In one sitting you could observe numerous species of birds, butterflies, yes, even insects, and you can feel anything from a gentle breeze to a soaking downpour of rain.  At any point from dawn until dusk you might witness a terrifying gorrilla-like sound, which is nothing more than a pack of medium sized monkeys all howling together.  Needless to say, Refugio Solté is exactly what its Spanish name means, a “Refuge” where “I let Go,” a place where many have been able to disconnect from the everyday worries and pressures of life, and be quiet before the Lord, rest in His Presence, be prompted by His Word, renewed in mind, body and spirit.  This beautiful place is special because of what God chooses to do here.  The place is not the goal, it is a tool, a means by which God brings blessing and revelation to His people. We rest in one place of confidence, Refugio Solté is God’s mountain and we have only been entrusted to see His plan carried out “here on earth as it is in Heaven.”

God uses Refugio Solté as a servant to the nations.  We have hosted people from many corners of the earth, including Honduras, El Slavador, England, D.R. Congo, Holland, Australia, Jordan, Nicaragua, United States, Germany, Panama, Mexico, Canada, and Colombia, to name a few.  We work to serve pastoral families, ministry leaders and missionaries through training, retreats, sabbaticals and conferences.  We also look to see how we can come alongside of them in local missions and projects, as the Lord leads.

The facility operates 100% “Off Grid”. Water is drawn from a natural spring high in the mountains, and electricity is produced via solar panels. The property around the buildings is full of exotic plants and animals. Pathways surrounding the grounds take our guests into the heart of the jungle. While projects and recourses shift from time to time, depending on weather and available helping hands, we strive to source everything we can from the land.  Scattered around the refuge are fruit trees, including several types of citrus, bananas, plantains, avocados, cashew, guava, and mangos. 

A veritable treasure chest of natural beauty, Refugio Solté is surrounded by lush tropical rainforest, inviting beaches, and nearby waterfalls. You won’t find a television in your room, but rather the sounds of nature and the beauty of the tropical flora and fauna just beyond your view. We count it an honor and a privilege to be a part of what God is doing on His mountain in Costa Rica.  Our desire is to do nothing more and nothing less than what He directs us to do daily.  We are called to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.  That is enough.  In Him our souls find love, salvation, rest, strength and peace.  If the Lord is prompting you to participate or learn more about what He is doing here, feel free to contact us.  We are at your service.